Hello :-)

This blog mainly deals with Web and Mobile developments. It reflects my thoughts and my experimentations through many topics like WebSocket, Web Audio API, WebGL, WebRTC, Web Components, everything Web actually and Node.js that I would like to share with people. All scripts, code snippets are personal work, obviously Open Source and free to use. Feel free to contact or just say hello@srchea.com!

About me

Currently working as a Software Engineer at Ubisoft (Owlient studio), I love designing/developing Web and Mobile applications and challenging myself. Also as a full-stack, I mainly work with Node.js, PHP for server-side and HTML5, JavaScript for client-side.

I care for optimizing things to improve performance and speed up page load times, the faster, the better. I am attached to think again and again the user experience to reach the desired users' perceptions. I am also interested in troubleshooting high-volume and working with large data sets. To know more, here is my LinkedIn profile.

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Technical book reviews

I reviewed the book: Getting Started with HTML5 WebSocket Programming. It explains how to use WebSocket and how it works for people who want to start learning.