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This blog mainly deals with Web and Mobile developments. It reflects my thoughts and my experimentations through many topics like WebSocket, Web Audio API, WebGL, WebRTC, Node.js that I would like to share with people. All scripts, code snippets are personal work, obviously Open Source and free to use. Feel free to contact or just say hello@srchea.com!

About me

Currently working as a Software Engineer at Ubisoft (Owlient studio), I love designing/developing Web and Mobile applications and challenging myself. Also as a full-stack, I mainly work with Node.js, PHP for server-side and HTML5, JavaScript for client-side.

I care for optimizing things to improve performance and speed up page load times, the faster, the better. I am attached to think again and again the user experience to reach the desired users' perceptions. I am also interested in troubleshooting high-volume and working with large data sets. To know more, here is my LinkedIn profile.

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Technical book reviews

I reviewed the book: Getting Started with HTML5 WebSocket Programming. It explains how to use WebSocket and how it works for people who want to start learning.