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1. Use Google chrome browser as calculator.

You Didn’t it search bar type any equation chrome into your chrome search tricks.

2.How to convert units using Google chrome?

Yes, this is another great feature to convert any unit easily. Just type any unit in google chrome search bar and it will show you answer in another unit. As you see in the image just type any number and unit and then type = for an answer. You will get answer.

3. Play game in Google chrome browser when internet connection is lost.

This is most amazing and interesting thing google chrome has done. You can play Dino in the desert game when your internet connection is lost. Don’t worry, I will tell you how to play this game. When the internet connection lost page appears, Just press SPACE from keyboard and game will start. Use space to jump. Play on, Its very interesting.

4. Play multimedia files in Google chrome browser

Yes, you can play multimedia files in google chrome browser. Just drag any multimedia file into the google chrome browser and drop it into windows, it will start playing. You can play files like mp3,mp4 and images.

5. Use Google chrome browser as notepad

Get bored by switching tabs for notes, then here comes the solution. Just write this code (data: text/html, <html contenteditable> in google chrome search bar and it will become notepad for you. Enjoy the trick, Its very useful for those who take notes from online web pages.

6. Find my Phone (An interesting and very useful feature)

Now you can find your phone’s location using google chrome. But the first thing you have to do is enable internet and GPS connection on your device, then sign in that device with a google account. Now open your browser and sign in with the same account. Then type “Find my phone” in google chrome search bar and it will show you which device is connected to that Gmail account. Just click on “locate device” to locate the device and it will find your device very easily. You can ring your phone and also you can lock your phone with this feature. You can erase all the data using this trick from your device. My advice is to enable this feature immediately on your phone.

7. Search Songs Directly

Search any songs directly from the google chrome search bar. Just type this (intitle: index. Of? mp3 “anysongname “) code in the search bar and press enter, it will show you that song as in the directory. It is a very simple way to search any mp3 file and to download it. This is best fact about google chrome browser that I Love most.

9. Find Discount on the shopping site’s easily.

A simple plugin will save your money on online shopping sites. Search for “Honey” Plug in and install it on your browser. When you go into shopping site, just click on the honey icon to activate it. Click on honey icon to see deals and discount for that site. I am sure this plugin will save you money definiately.

10. Drag multiple files in google chrome

You can drag multiple tabs on google chrome web browser. Just press Ctrl and select tables and move them as you wish.

11. Drag to search

This feature is just awesome. If you want to search something from webpage, then highlight that text and drag to search bar.

12. Shortcuts for google chrome browser

* Open new tab – ALT Key + Enter Key
* Open accidentally closed tab – Ctrl + Shift + T
* Zoom in and Zoom out – (Ctrl) + (+) & (Ctrl) + (-)
* Clear History Data – Ctrl+Shift+delete

13. Translate anything

Translate anything by using the Google translator plugin. It will translate most of languages for you. Google can translate so many languages than others.

14. Search in specific website

Here is the solution to search in a specific website. Type “search sitename:” where write any website name instead of “sitename” you want to search for. It will give you results from that website only.

15. Unknown Features of Google Chrome

Type chrome: //flags in google search bar and get the developer features of it.

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