We used to carry most our digital data in smart phones as they are one of the essential thing we carry wherever we go. To transfer such data or files from PC to Android need some interface and the interface we need most is data cables, right? But sometimes these data cables may send virus along with files to our smart phones and plugging data cables again and again may also lose plugin jack. So, to overcome this problem we have Android APps to transfer files from Android to PC by the use of which you can easily transfer files from smartphones to PC without data cables.

Android Apps: Android these days is the most used OS for smart phones. For every need in smart phones we have apps and the same is for transfer files from android to pc we have apps. Some are just like that but some are best. So, here we are listing best 5 Android Apps to transfer files from Android to PC have a look;

It is basically an Android app let you to remotely control or view Android gadget even without having it with you. With 3CX Droid Desktop you can access images, files, videos, make calls ,send messages view recent call logs. All these things can be done in your web browser using this Android app. But if you are new or first time time user for remote apps then it is bit difficult for you. Don’t worry we have more apps.

Send Anywhere is very easy to use and simple Android app to transfer files from android to pc. It allows you to send or transfer files without any login or sign up. To transfer files using this app all you have to do is just pair your Android smart phone and PC with a 6 digit pairing code and then you will gain access to share files from android to PC. This android app is free and you can send any number of files of any size. It comes with a chrome extension which allow you to transfer files from android to pc directly from your web browser.

It the best and easy way transfer files from wi-fi. Well, if you want to transfer files from Android to PC then SuperBeam Wifi direct is best app for that. With this app you can transfer files or even folder too from Android to PC very quickly and easily. For pairing the devices you can use scanning QR codes so you don’t have to remember any pass code every time for pairing.

ES File explorer is another best app to transfer files from Android to PC. Apart from file transfer ES file explorer has lots more interesting features like file managing, and it allow you to view files or folders from Android or on PC too. It uses cloud storage client for file transferring. The best part of the app is its UI is awesome and easy to use and it is free to use.

In terms of file transferring Android App, Airdroid is same as SuperBeam Wifi direct. Well, we listed it as best Android App to transfer files from Android to PC so there might be any reason. And the reason is not only one they are many. It doesn’t only allow you to transfer files from android to pc but also you can take screenshots, send messages, use camera from PC. You can use it from web browser and it is also available for MAC OS too.

So, these are the Best 5 Apps to transfer files from Android to PC. Hope you liked the post. Ya, ya we know there might be more apps for that but we believe to share only best. But we can discuss about others in comments.