A web designer resume is rather different than a traditional resume. It does not have to be so formal for a start. A famous graphic design resume was once done in the form of a candy bar wrapper. This kind of creativity can be important in catching the eye of a potential client. In addition you have to remember that content is all important. Even if it looks stunning at first glance, or is rather unique, it may be a hard sell without evidence to back it up.


First and foremost is your portfolio. The portfolio is what employers look at first as it is a record of what you have done. Make sure you include one, or else they are unlikely to look at anything at all. Be sure to accent your best work and highlight all your top achievements. Put your best work front and center.


There are two types of work that look best on a web designer resume, high profile clients and work that just looks good, regardless of the client. High profile clients will impress all prospective customers, as it will show that you are ready to work well in the world of web design. Good looking products, of course, are always memorable and helpful in making a mark on prospective clients. And if you have anything special that isn’t summed up in the portfolio make sure you make it part of the resume. If you don’t you won’t be accenting a vital part of your experience that can set you apart.


Be sure to pay plenty of attention to both the company and the market. Without a sound knowledge of the market and the company you want to work for you cannot get the job. First be sure to appeal to the specific company. Study up on them and show an interest in the company itself, like an investor would. Make sure to make this known in your web designer resume. If the client sees you want to work with them, they will be more inclined to work with you.


Then obviously, you have to consider the competition. It is useful to find other web designer resumes and compare them to your own. If yours is not better than theirs, then you should work on it. The world of web design is a highly competitive one, and it does not pay to be on the same level as another person, but it does pay to be above them.


Be sure that your web designer resume is thorough. If you miss anything you probably can’t go back and add it later once you have sent it off. Check through any old things you have for ideas. See if you have any old projects that you have not added that would strengthen your case. Make sure whatever design you go with it is attractive, eye catching and easy for a client to read. Impress them, but don’t make it blaring and illegible. Be sure to show an interest in improving the client’s company. This attitude is paramount in convincing a client that you are serious in working with them. This willingness is a strong sign that an employer can trust you to do your best in promoting the company and creating the best content available. This can be an important deciding factor in choosing an employee.


There are a lot of factors that go into designing a web designer resume. It is important to show off your design skills first, and make a good impression. Then make sure to get out all the information you need to get out. Don’t shortchange yourself of any achievement or work that you have done and don’t be hesitant to show it off as loudly as you can. Be sure to make your resume the best of the bunch.