Top Free WordPress Themes. Click on the download link AFTER the theme picture to visit the theme homepage for more information, theme demo or download.

1. COLOR STROKES There is far too many dull plain colored websites out there already. Nothing makes your website stand out more than vibrant colors. This theme is nice and simple, it’s not like some themes that have a lot of stuff in the footer or featured panels that have to be customized after you install the theme. Just install it and you are ready to go. The title font and page links in this theme could use some improvement, but its a decent basic theme, great for beginners or great to use for now while you look for the perfect theme.

2. INTREPIDITY is a simple but modern professional looking theme, highly adaptable, with a choice of colors which is always fun. This theme is a pleasure to use.

3. NOT SO FRESH is a great simple site, a little plain perhaps, but great colors, make sure you download the english version! After you install this there, there is a little work to do, but nothing too hard, just go to the editor, then bottom.php and change the links to your links.
Download Not So Fresh

4. CURIOUS THEME The best thing to do with this theme is to replace the curious guy in the hat with your own cartoon character, although I guess if you looked a bit like the guy in the theme, you could just leave him in there. This theme has really cool graphics in the sidebar.

5. SEABREEZE There’s nothing like upside down flowers to make your visitors happy. This theme is available for free, or there is a paid version with support and PSD files and license to remove the credit link.

6. DAILY PLANET looks like a simple theme at first but take a closer look, elegant web 2.o design, beautiful blues, very versatile, great attention to detail.

7. TRAVEL GRUNGE Great background on this theme, with your own picture this could suit any website.

8. MAKE MONEY ONLINE THEME It’s called the Make money online theme, but you could customize it to suit any website. Simple but classy, nice wide pages, easy to install, has widgets but the sidebars are a bit quirky and there is bit of work to do to get this theme looking good. There are 4 different colors but you have to download each color separately, the red is the best.

9. ZENGUARD Nice, clean and green, borrow the cool bamboo logo or put in your own, a 3d or vector logo will look best with this theme.

10. NATURAL HEALTH One of the best Health WordPress Themes around. And if your website isnt about health you can always change the picture- sadly you can’t change the header pic in theme options, (themes like that are rare) but you can still change it easily, just go into the images folder>natural health> themes> content in your websites file manager, and replace the pic with your own one.
Download Natural Health

11. INDEZINER PAPER WALL is one of the best looking free themes around, its really bright and friendly, will make any wordpress site look instantly cool.

12. GRUNGEZINE Love the look of this website, very now. This is a powerful and well designed theme that is great for a website with a lot of content. The featured post at the top has to be set up after you install for your website to display properly. Great colors, original and seamless design, very welcoming to your visitors.

13. TOUCH RIVER Another great, modern theme with heaps of the right color, with a featured post at the top, it’s pretty easy to install and set up the featured posts. Cool 3d web 2.0 icons and all the trimmings, for a website that is built to impress.
Download TouchRiver

14. ZINEPRESS Great theme, fills up the whole page, posts are nice and wide and plenty of space in the sidebar too, nice background images and smooth colors.

15. CREATIVE ART Grunge with flowers and a very cool notebook background. For Photoshop .PSD files, a license to remove the credit link, please purchase the full version.

16. WILD DREAMS Sensational theme, the lucky toad will definitely bring good luck to your website, and he has such nice teeth for a toad. If you want your website to be memorable- this theme could be for you.

17. SIMPLE BALANCE Very versatile theme, in 5 different colors, great background graphics that are different for each color, and yes you can keep the butterfly, or add your own picture, change the layout of the whole website. This free theme could be easy customized for almost any website.

18. TWILIGHT THEME Everybody loves this Twilight WordPress Theme. Parchment themes are awesome and this is one of the best. Very stunning theme.

19. FHI-ZIN The best thing about this theme is that it doesnt look like a blog at all. Very unique design for wordpress. The cool picture gallery appears on the home page and on the category pages. Problems with this theme-it has some limitations, it doesnt display well on laptops with really small screens, there seems to be no scroll down arrow, you have to use a mouse or the keyboard arrows work to scroll down or up, and finally, adding too much content tends to throw off the page display. If you have a huge amount of content or pics it’s probably not the right theme for you. For a small gallery its perfect. One of the best free gallery or portfolio themes around.

20. GALLERY is a modern gallery or porfolio theme, powerful, flexible and easy to customize. This theme is loaded with features like a cool jQuery slide hover effect on thumbnails. And if you’d like an endless wall of thumbnails, you can show as many pics on the homepage as you’d like. Great theme for a gallery, portfolio or shop. The possibilities are endless…