My skin is quite hard to manage. I don’t break out too often, due to 6 months of medication, however my main problem is scaring and hyper-pigmentation. Also I have quite large pores around my nose. My skin is also very dry and dull, so I like to stick to products that are going to hydrate.

I do a face mask at twice a week, just to keep my skin in check. I have 5 favourite masks at the moment.

Quick Fix Facials – Brightening Peel Mask

This mask is really great value and leaves the skin nice and glowy. I actually like to use this before a night out, as early as can as it takes about 15 mins to set. After its set you peel it off and it leaves a lovely radiance to the skin. On con to this product however is that it is incredibly perfumed for keep it as far away from your eyes as possible as it makes them run! I’d also steer clear of this if you have sensitive skin due to how strong the scent is.

Soap and Glory – No Clogs Allowed

This is a great weekly mask for your pores. It is self heating and feels very luxurious on the skin. This is a new find of mine and I have used it once a week since I got it. See a full review here

Indeed Laboratories – Moisture Boosting Mask

I’m a huge fan of the entire Hydraluron range (see full review here  ) and I use this mask when my skin is feeling very dull and dehydrated. It brings a boost of moisture to my skin and soothes any irritation. As they are sheet masks, they are very beneficial to the skin as they are soaked in a serum.

Avene – Soothing Moisture Mask

This mask I have a love hate relationship with. It is great when I have very irritated dry skin. I have a tiny bit of eczema that flares up around my nose from time to time, and occasionally my skin gets a little flaky and his mask is brilliant for sorting this out, however my main con of this product is that I find it a little greasy. However when my skin is feeling very sensitive I can look past this as it works great.

Murad – Clarifying Mask

This mask is a little strong for my whole face, it can dry me out a little so I only use it all over when I have broken out. My favourite way to use this is as a spot treatment. I just use it to treat certain, which works great. It really helps clear up my skin! When the weather is warmer and I see my forehead and T zone start to get oily, I use this and it really helps balance out my skin. This mask smells pretty strong too however, but if you can look past that, its a great product.

What are your favourite face masks?