Your thinking…”Social Network Marketing,” I guess it’s the latest craze, and since I already have a Facebook and Twitter profile, this type of marketing is going to be a breeze. I mean, after all…I’ve had considerable practice socializing with my friends and relatives, so it would be just as easy to sell things on the social networks…right?

I say, nay, nay! Nothing could be further from the truth! Having a business profile on Facebook or Twitter, is a whole different ballgame.
The friends that “follow you” on your business site, will not be forgiving like your personal friends and family when you make mistakes, and these are the friends whose opinions really matter when it concerns your brand.

There are multitudes of other marketers, just like you, that are still trying to get a grip on this “social networking” thing, and not all of them have had overwhelming success at it. But, this sort of works in your favor, because you can look at the examples and learn a great deal.

I’ve come up with some “how to” suggestions on this type of marketing, some of which you’ve probably heard already, but it still doesn’t hurt to hear them again.

“Social Network Marketing – 4 Tips on How You Can Do It!”:

• You simply can’t be in two different networks at the same time.
Although you’re eager to start multi-tasking on Facebook, Twitter and Plurk, that you open an account in each of these places and start to tweet, plurk and post you status updates. It happens to most of us “newbies.” However, being blinded by enthusiasm, we fail to see, just like in real life, that it’s just impossible to be focused on all of these sites at the same time. Therefore, because you can’t do this, just…

• Pick only one network and strengthen your fan base on that site.
We all multi-task at times, but we also know that the quality of our work is not up to standard. That is what happens when you try to work two different networks at once. The key is to focus on one and only one. Learn all the ins and outs, every nook and cranny of that particular network. Build your fan base there, commit all of your efforts there, post regular updates or run some type of contest. Then, once you’ve established a strong fan base, you can rest easy and let someone else take over, while you go and build another base in another network.

• Don’t be bogus.
Your fans will know when you’re faking it, so just be yourself and let the “real you” shine through. Socializing is about creating relationships by getting to know the other person(s) and sharing thoughts, ideas and stories. You’re not going to build a relationship if you’re not sincere.

• Participate in conversation.
You know what, you’re not the only person out there networking. Others are also working to promote their brand and start conversations with other marketers. Network the way you would offline. Ask lots of questions, and you’ll be able to learn about ways to improve your own brand, by socializing and engaging others in real conversations.

Social networking is, in a lot of ways, just like real life socializing. How you get along with and treat other people will have a huge impact on how the others perceive you. If you’re kind, polite and just a pleasure to be around, you will be on a long ride down the social network marketing road, and you’ll find that by being someone that can be trusted, you’re not going to be floundering down that road alone!

If you’d like to take your business networking to the next level and learn how to properly apply the correct methods to increase you bottom dollar, then you need to look at this NOW…